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With a blend of vocals from all band members, professional lighting, high energy stage presence, Mixed Signal will keep you dancing all night.  Music spanning various decades and multiple genres combined with their energetic and magnetic personalities makes them a hit with any crowd. 

Come out and m!x !t up w!th m!xed S!gnal....



Melissa McGhee has been singing and entertaining since she was 4 years old around the tampabay area. At a very young age She knew singing was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

With this, she then decided to try out for the nation’s biggest phenomenon, American Idol in 2005. Her tryout was a success, and she then pushed through to round out the Top 12 of Season 5 of American Idol. It has been considered one of their “most watched seasons”. 

This has opened up many opportunities for this talented young lady. Since Idol, Melissa has went on tour with many other American Idols and stars including Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Ruben Studdard, Sophie B Hawkins, and many more. She has performed in various shows throughout the country. to name a few of her favorite shows: 4th of July Bash with Taylor Swift and Jason Aldean, the Hillsborough County Teacher’s Convention in front of 20,000 teachers, the National Anthem for the Devil Rays, Hurricane Awareness at Wikiwachee where she swam as a mermaid, the Worldsailfish Tournament in Key West, and performed at The Musician's Hall of Fame in Nashville. Her prior self titled band had the opportunity to play at many local festivals and events. SHE HAS HAD MUCH SUCCESS WITH LOCAL BANDS IN THE AREA TO WHICH HAS GIVEN HER THE EXPERIENCE AND GUIDANCE TO START HER OWN PROJECT "MIXED SIGNAL". 



DRU Underwood was exposed to music from the moment he was born.  His father, also a musician, doesn’t drive anywhere in a car without blasting music loud enough for the cars nearby to hear it.  It wasn’t much different at home, either.  This left a big impression on little baby Dru.  On his 6th birthday, his father bought him a drum kit, and it wasn’t one of those silly ass children’s drum kits…it was a real one.  (in hindsight, he probably bought it so that he could play it too, but whatever…it totally ruled).  Once he quickly picked up everything his father showed him, he put on headphones and learned from the drummers of his favorite bands.  From that moment on, Dru spent most of his time in the basement playing along to his favorite records.  At age 11, he got a guitar…and so on and so forth.  


Once he graduated from college, he recognized that most of the musicians in his hometown of Lehighton, PA wanted to play bad country music or Nickleback….f@$& that nonsense.  Eventually he moved to Philadelphia and toured with various bands until his skinny ass could no longer handle the frigid winters of the northeast.  He moved to St. Petersburg, FL to thaw out a bit and almost immediately met Melissa and the rest is history.  


Dru is pretty much obsessed with all things music, cars and motorcycles, yoga, being physically active, and butts.  He thinks tattoos are dandy and loves to travel and eat awesome food.  He loves long walks on the beach because really…..who the f*** doesn’t?  


VInce Mini has been laying down the bass in Tampa Bay Area since the mid 90's with many bands. being a veteran in this industry He brings over 20 years of Swag and Flavor to the Mixed signal Rhythm section. he not only has the experience to funk it up on his bass guitar but will keep you on your toes with his energetic perfomance and vocals. if you've partied in the Tampa you'll recognize the funk and energy that he hand delivers to every performance, and it's something you don't want to miss!

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